We aim to provide in-home, community, and work-place, person-centred programs, that are family focused. We provide additional education and support, to the people who support the individual, at the centre of the program. We work with clients of varying ages and disabilities, focusing on supporting adolescents, and adults.


Behaviour Support Practitioner, BCBA, Clinical Director

Lauren is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) and Behaviour Support Practitioner, and is the owner of GSBS. As a Behaviour Support Practitioner, she oversees client programs, working with families and carers, to ensure programs are person-centred, family focused, and have a positive impact on the individual's quality of life. Working in the most relevant setting for the client - be it home, school, workplace, or community - is what she loves most about the job. Being able to see the challenges, as they occur, and support the people who are closest to the client, to help make a difference, is another aspect of the job she loves. Lauren is also a Teaching Associate at Monash University, in the Masters of Education Applied Behaviour Analysis Program.

Lauren completed her Bachelor’s degree in Education, and her Masters of Special Education, at Macquarie University. She completed online coursework through Florida Institute of Technology, while completing supervision hours with a BCBA-D, before obtaining her BCaBA in Aug 2017, and her BCBA in June 2018. She is a member of the Association for Behaviour Analysis Australia, the Association for Behavior Analysis International, and the Association of Professional Behavior Analysts. Lauren has presented research from programs at conferences in Australia, the US, and Europe.

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