Book Review: The Nurture Effect - Anthony Bigland

This was one book I was very keen to read. A lot of people had been talking about it online, and it seemed very much in line with the type of book I like to read. I think it would be good to go back and re-read, maybe in a few months. Overall, it was a good book to read, mainly about society, and the world at large, very much in line with a behaviourist’s thinking. However I did feel it was very specifically aimed more so at American audiences, than anywhere else in the world, and feel like it could have investigated different things, different countries are doing around the world, to help with social issues, such as poverty, homelessness, domestic violence, education, and health. In saying

As 2015 is Coming to a Close...

I thought I’d better review my goals for 2015. In hindsight, my goals really weren’t that great! However, this has helped with creating my goals for 2016, which I will post sometime next week. 1. Continue with at least one more subject towards my behaviour coursework. I didn’t get around to this, but should be registering for my next subject early January, which I am very excited about! 2. Get back into supervision for my behaviour certification. Yay! I did this! And I’m at 30/50 (75) supervised hours! 3. Attend at least 1 conference in 2015. I did attend the MultiLit 20th Anniversary Conference, which was really great me inspiring. 4. Read and review 1 article every two months. I didn’t rev

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