Natural Environment Teaching: Making the Most of Teaching Opportunities

We spend a lot of time working one on one with our clients, so we get to know them pretty well. We know the things they love, the things they like doing, as well as getting a pretty good idea about the things they don't like! All of the work we do with our clients in based on not only information regarding which areas they need additional support in, but also, what things are they interested in. What things do they love? And we use those interests to motivate them to engage with us and our activities. Fun times in the pool! Working on requesting, sharing, and waiting. Interests can be anything! Its whatever you find interesting! This day and age, with the internet, and YouTube, you can prett

Providing Predictability

Most of us are creatures of habit. I definitely like things to stay the same, and have my same routines - parking in the spot at the shops, same process of checking Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, in the morning when I wake up! It helps me get ready for the day, have a bit of downtime, and know what to expect. I find having a routine at the airport extremely helpful. It helps calm my nerves while flying. Predicatability, makes everyones lives easier. Of course, there are unexpected changes, and for some people we support, dealing with these unexpected changes can be very difficult, but we will talk about that in another blog post. Why provide predictability? To help make sense of the world

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