Learning to Accept Hearing 'No'

Learning to be able to hear "no" or "not now" or even "later" is a very essential skill for living! We can't always get what we want, and when we want it, so being able to wait for things we want, and hearing the word 'no' is something we focus on ensuring our learners in our Great Start Programs, are able to easily do. It can a very difficult concept for some people to understand - young children, people with autism, and people with intellectual disabilities. Often if you say "no, we can't have that now" they may not understand 'no' doesn't mean forever, it just means right now. It is best to teach this skill early, and frequently! Find ways throughout the day where you can say "no we can't

Goals Review

We've already breezed through the first three months of the year, so its time to check in with my goal review. By the end of December, 2018, I will have obtained my BCBA certification. I've applied! My FIT coursework transcript should be on its way now, so hopefully the board is verifying my application as I type 🤞🏻so I can apply to sit for the exam in May! It was kind of a sad experience to wrap it all up, but I am also very excited to have it all completed! By the end of December 2018, I will have attended at least 3 conferences, including at least one, not ABA specific. Well, I'm booked into at least 2 ABA conferences this year, tossing up what my third non-ABA conference will b

A Week in Hobart

Beautiful afternoon on the harbour in Hobart. This week I am in lovely Hobart, Tasmania, the southernmost state in Australia. I've been delivering workshops on literacy and reading, as well as enjoying some of the sights. Its always great to meet teachers and school support staff, who are dedicated to helping their students, and wanting to learn about best-practice teaching of reading. While I'm away down here in Hobart, I am very fortunate to have some wonderful staff, up in Sydney, working through programs. It is wonderful to hear of the sessions had, and progress made, even when I'm not able to directly be involved. I am feeling very lucky to have such fantastic staff working alongside

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