Becoming A Registered Behaviour Technician (RBT)

When it comes to Behaviour Support, ABA, and the people who implement these strategies, you may hear lots of titles and acronyms being thrown around. But what do they mean and who can use them? The governing body which oversees the certification of ABA professionals is called The Behavior Analyst Certification Board, or BACB. They set out the standards and requirements to become certified and there are 4 levels of certification: RBT BCaBA BCBA BCBA-D The basic, entry-level certification is the RBT, which stands for Registered Behaviour Technician. In order to qualify you need a high school diploma and 40 hours of training. You also need to pass a competency assessment, as well as a written e

School Holiday Fun!

This week was the first week of school holidays in NSW, which means a big change from the day to day routine of a lot of our school-aged clients. It also means a good opportunity to find new things to do, and lots of different environments, to practice all our skills in! This week, we have worked on: - following instructions in the community - staying with Mum, Dad, Gran, the group, while out at the shops - waiting in line for super fun waterslides and ropes courses - taking turns with siblings at the park - communicating effectively to get our needs across, when not at home - and lots of other incidental skills too! It has been a lot of fun, and good to get out and do something different. I

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