Happy First Week of School

First week back! Hopefully everyone headed back to school this week has a great first week. Keep cool, and remember to ease back into it - more for parents and teachers! It can be tricky to get the routines back in place after such a long break, so it might be tricky for some students to settle in. Have a good first week, and have fun meeting all the new teachers and classmates!

Goals for 2019

2019 is upon us, and there are lots of things to look forward to this year. Below are just a few of the goals I want to achieve, this year. I'll check in every 3 months, to see how I'm going. JABA Subscribe to the Journal for Applied Behaviour Analysis. I know I can access it through my BACB portal, but its a bit convoluted, so I want my own subscription! Sponsor ASAT Provide a Professional Level Sponsorship for the Association for Science in Autism Treatment. ASAT provide great resources on evidence-based autism treatments, and I want to support their work. Facebook Reach 1000 Facebook Page 'Likes'. 1000 is a nice, even number. Currently the Facebook page is at around 950, so no

Staying Cool ☀️

It's summer time here in Australia, and there are lots of opportunities to stay cool, AND practice functional skills, at the same time. A lot of the clients we support are school-aged, so school holidays is a great time to see them a little more, and be a part of their school holiday activities. As Sydney has recently been experiencing a bit of a heatwave, it's been a great opportunity to explore new activities, and generalise lots of skills. Below are some of our favourite school holiday 'staying cool' activities: swimming (in backyard pools, local pools, or the beach!) water balloons (great for manding/requesting, turn taking, waiting) evening walks along the beach (ticking healthy activit

Professional Development Opportunities

We are very excited to offer two amazing PD's for teachers and teacher aides, next week, in our Belrose office. Our wonderful colleague, Alex, from ABA for Change in Adelaide, is delivering two workshops. On Tues the 15th of Jan, she is talking about problem behaviours - why and how can we help? And then on Wed 16th Jan, she will show you how to make data collection easy! We have a limited number of tickets left, so click on the links above, if you would like attend!

Hello 2019

2019 is here already! We have hit the ground running with lots of exciting things planned for the year. It's been a bit hot in Sydney these past few weeks, so stay tuned for some ideas around using opportunities for communication, in the hot weather to stay cool! We have been busily setting up our new office, and enjoying the nice, large space (and air conditioning!) We are excited to offer some professional development opportunities for teachers this month too! We've been preparing for the NDIS and its safeguarding committee. We also have been busy planning out our PD for the year - including already submitting one conference abstract! And we've been very happy to get back and see some fami

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