February Newsletter

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It's That Time of Year Again...

IEP Time! IEP stands for "individual education plan" and is part of the NSW Department of Education's goal to provide "personalised learning and support is a process that supports a wide range of students with additional learning and support needs." Other states will have a similar system. It is a great opportunity to meet with school, bring the team together, and look at what is important in the school setting for your child, for the upcoming year. Here are some ways to help prepare for the process. Plan Ahead Think about how far your child has come in the past year. What were the good things? What are the things they need more support on? Talk to others - family members, therapists, get th

Research within Service Delivery

I feel very lucky to have a job that I love. Yes there can be some tough times, and there can be frustrating bureaucracy to deal with, but being able to support clients and their families and friends, to help increase quality of life and independence, is what I love. What I also love, is sharing what we're doing with others. The service delivery, education and support for parents, carers, teachers, aides, other people in our client's lives... It's not always an easy job - we have to help the people in our client's lives figure out the best way to support the client, but there are usually other variables that affect this - time, other kids/students, energy etc! Our service model is constantly

Supporting Implementation

We work with a lot of wonderful people. Our clients, themselves, but also everyone in their life, who supports them - parents, siblings, grandparents, friends, teachers, aides, support workers - the list is endless! One of the biggest was we can support and enact behaviour change is by ensuring everyone who supports the client, understands the best ways to do that. Often these supporters know our client very well, as they spend a lot of time with them! So it is important for us to ensure we learn as much as we can, from not only the client themselves, but their supporters! This is one aspect of ABA known as generalisation. We want the skills our clients learn to not only stick around, but wo

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