Goals for 2019 - March Review

March has come to an end, so time to review my goals for the year! JABA Subscribe to the Journal for Applied Behaviour Analysis. I have yet to purchase the subscription for myself, especially now as I have access through uni too! I still want to keep this as a goal though. Sponsor ASAT Provide a Professional Level Sponsorship for the Association for Science in Autism Treatment. Reviewing my goals has helped remind me of things I need to do! This is getting done in August. Facebook Reach 1000 Facebook Page 'Likes'. 1000 is a nice, even number. Currently the Facebook page is at 970, so a few more have joined in! Conference Attendance Attend at least 3 conferences in 2019 (can be

Increasing Independence

Growing up, and becoming an adult, you have a lot more responsibilities. Some are good - more freedom, you can do what you want! Others are not so good - having to get up and go to work at a certain time, paying bills :D With all of our clients, we are working on skills to help them be as independent as possible. We work with clients from the ages of 6 through to 60, and at each age, when we begin working with them, we spend time getting to know them, and their families, and working out what skills we need to focus on and teach. It can be tricky to look far into the future to understand what skills a person might need - what will they do for fun? Where will the live? Who will they hang out w

Don't Stop (believing) Learning!

Now that that song is stuck in your head, I'll bring you back to what this post is actually about. I am constantly wanting to learn more, and read more, and do more. There are some great behaviour analysts, using social media to push others to #dobetter. I'm hoping to #dobetter this year by having actionable goals after any conference I attend. In the past years, I've been fortunate enough to attend many conferences, which have given me lots of great ideas for the different people I am supporting. The problem was, when I got back into the swing of things, I had no time to sit down, come up with a plan, and implement things I had learned during those conferences. This year, I have re-evaluate

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