I Would Lose My Head if it Weren't Screwed On

I say this, and “I wish I were an octopus” at least twice a day. The first one, because I can’t believe I remember half the things I need to do. And the second one, because I live up four flights of stairs, and I am only going to make one trip up from my car, so I carry all my bags in one go. And if I had eight arms, it wouldn’t be as much of an issue

In regards to remembering everything I need to do, I do have a few little tips and tricks that make things easier.

I live with one of my best friends (or at least, I think I still do – we haven’t crossed paths in a few weeks!) and it is always hard to keep track of where each other is and when we will be back.

Fortunately 3M Post-It’s have provided us with a solution.

Helps keep track of what is happening during the week

This weekly schedule sticks right on the fridge or wall, and can be wiped clean at the end of the week, ready for the next. I can see when my roomie will be home, or when she will be paddling across the Pacific Ocean , and we can keep track of when the rent is due, or the cleaner is coming. Very easy to use and it can help me know when she will be home so we can catch up!

Another prompt that has been extremely helpful, has been a visual prompt on the door, again, courtesy of 3M Post-Its!

My lovely roomie has been training hard, waking up at 4am most mornings to do ocean paddling training, and not that I ever have been up at 4am, but I would definitely agree that some sort of stimulation would be needed i.e. coffee.

More often than not, I would wake up at a more reasonable hour to make my coffee, only to find a shot of coffee sitting in a cup on the coffee machine. At first I thought my roomie was being very kind and leaving me a pre-made (cold) coffee … and then I realised the more likely conclusion was, my roomie would make her coffee, and then forget to take it with her!

A visual reminder near the keys (needed to leave the apartment) has been successful.

Since this visual has been in place, I haven’t found one cup of coffee left on the machine! I am tempted to withdraw the visual prompt to see if it is now something my roomie can remember without the need of a visual, but she did say it has been helpful (if it were me getting up at 4am, I think I would need two coffees!)

I have many other ways of helping me remember everything I need to do during the day or week.

My calendar on my phone – with reminders – tells me where I need to be and what bills I need to pay. Facebook alerts me to people’s birthdays (and this week it has been going crazy with birthday alerts!) I write post-it note lists and stick them to the back of my door to remind me what to pack, or take take medication.

These slightly unobtrusive, but in my line of sight prompts, help keep me on track. I like to point these things out to the families and workers I am working with to indicate we all use visuals, to varying degrees, to help us get through the day.

Another 3M Post-It product, that I think is rather clever, though I haven’t used it yet, are reminders for your bag, seat belt or steering wheel!

Small, handy reminders that are portable.

These would be great for if you need to stop by somewhere on the way home, take something with you or even to make a call. They stand out and remind you that you need to do something.

Visuals can be helpful for us to remember what we need to do, or plan ahead and know what is coming up, as long as they make sense, and are meaningful to us.

Check out 3M Post-It’s Home collection, available at Officeworks in Australia

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