Goals for 2018!

Happy New Year!

As I was moving all my blog posts over to the website for my blog, I got to review my previous year's goals. It is nice to take a step back, and see the progress I have made. 2018 looks to be as big a year as previous ones, so I'm looking forward to all the hard work ahead of me.

So, onto the goals!

  1. By the end of December, 2018, I will have obtained my BCBA certification. I am on my way! I am powering through supervision hours, with my awesome supervisor, and and enrolled for my last EVER course at FIT (which is filling me with mixed emotions - both sad, but also super happy :D)

  2. By the end of December 2018, I will have attended at least 3 conferences, including at least one, not ABA specific. There are a few non-ABA conferences I have my eye on for 2018. Of course, I love going to ABA conferences, and am looking forward to the ones I have planned for 2018, but I know it is always good to push yourself to experience other areas, and share a little bit about what I do, with others too.

  3. By the end of December 2018, I will have submitted at least 2 abstracts for posters/presentations to conferences. I have slightly changed this goal to just *submitting* an abstract, as this is half the work! I have already submitted a poster for ABAI San Diego in May, on a service delivery model, I hope to expand throughout the year.

  4. By the end of December 2018, I will have participated by writing responses to at least 2 questions, in regards to four journal articles. This is in relation to the little journal club I have been working through with a few colleagues. Hoping to have the first of the quarter up and running by the end of Jan!

  5. By the end of December 2018, I will have one other Program Supervisor working with me at GSBS. There are lots of changes with staff and services happening, over the next few months, and with that, brings opportunity for small, and manageable growth. I'm excited to see where this goes, and may reword this goal as we move through the year.

  6. By the end of December 2018, GSBS will have at least one workshop available to be delivered to the community and public. Again, like the above goal, kind of vague, but as part of some services, we are looking to make things more accessible for families, and people who support the people we are supporting! (If that makes sense). So, watch this space.

So, not too many goals, but some lofty ambitions. Very excited about the upcoming year!

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