Right back into the swing of things!

Well it's the second week of the year for us, back into the mix of things, and it has been a very great start (😝)!

It has been a very busy start to the year, as we have had new staff starting with us, as well as fitting in lots of sessions to see everyone after Christmas.

It has been great to get into sessions for the new year, and make the most of the additional time during school holidays to work on skill building, and generalising skills.

It has also been extremely beneficial to overlap with all the staff in sessions, and hear about the great ways they optimise opportunities for natural environment teaching.

I'm off to the US on Wednesday, so I will miss everyone over the next few weeks, but fortunately, with our exclusive, online program format (and internet and technology!), I will be able to keep up-to-date with what is going on.

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