Off on an Adventure!

So we've only really been back at it for less than two weeks, but I am off on a plane today, to head over to the States for some workshops (as a participant, which is going to be very strange for me!)

I love finding out more about things I am interested in, and when I was at the ABAI conference in Chicago a few years ago, I first head about PEAK. There were plenty of presentations about its use, and effectiveness, in teaching skills to children with Autism. The presentations were packed - we were sitting on the floor, and there people were lining up, up to an hour before the presentations started! It definitely piqued my interest, so when I was looking to expand my knowledge on this program, and found some training dates in January, I planned to make it to the workshop. I am very excited to be visiting Phoenix (for more than a stopover!), and finding out more about the PEAK Assessment and Curriculum.

Fortunately, as this is a trip that takes me halfway around the world, I've managed to organise attendance at another workshop, in Boston, at Dr. Vince Carbone's Verbal Behaviour Clinic. (This is somewhere I have always wanted to visit, to attend a workshop). While I'm not attending a Verbal Behaviour workshop, I am super excited to be attending Dr. Pat McGreevy's Essential for Living workshop. I first heard about this assessment and curriculum during my ABA coursework through Florida Institute of Technology. This assessment and curriculum seems very detailed and involved, but extremely thorough when supporting individuals who use challenging behaviour, to get their needs met. I'm excited to learn more about it's development, and see how it can fit in with clients and programs.

So as I prepare for my 14 hour journey, feeling very excited (and a little worried about the extremely cold weather 😣), I am looking forward to learning more, and working to support my clients, and their families, even further.

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