A Week in Hobart

Beautiful afternoon on the harbour in Hobart.

This week I am in lovely Hobart, Tasmania, the southernmost state in Australia. I've been delivering workshops on literacy and reading, as well as enjoying some of the sights. Its always great to meet teachers and school support staff, who are dedicated to helping their students, and wanting to learn about best-practice teaching of reading. While I'm away down here in Hobart, I am very fortunate to have some wonderful staff, up in Sydney, working through programs. It is wonderful to hear of the sessions had, and progress made, even when I'm not able to directly be involved. I am feeling very lucky to have such fantastic staff working alongside me, who are passionate, enthusiastic, and very, very observant!

It also helps having access to all of my client's programs online. I can see the data for skills taught, and am able to make updates, and changes accordingly. So it makes is very easy to be on the move (not only in different parts of the country, and the world) but even when I'm back in Sydney!

I hope everyone has had a nice week, wherever they have been :)

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