Hitting the Books!

For the last time! (Well, last time for now!)

I have officially finished my ABA Certificate Coursework through Florida Institute of Technology (FIT)! 🎉It only took me 6 years to get it all together! The Behavior Analyst Certification Board have all my paperwork, and are hopefully processing it next week, and once that's done, I should be able to pick a time to sit the exam to become a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA - I'll drop the 'a' from my acronym!)

While this feels quite surreal, and I am a little bit sad about finishing studying, I know I do actually need to get myself into gear, and get a study plan happening for this exam! I am hoping to sit it early on in May, which means I really only have one month to get studying. I'm not exactly sure what I will do this time around. When I was studying for the exam last time I did some online quizzes, and read through every chapter of the Cooper (and Heward) book. But I feel as though I've done that, and I have all my Quizlet flashcards ready to go.

I also have a lot of client work to do, which is essentially studying in practice, so that is handy to tie things together.

Whatever I do, I know I need to start soon. I think doing a little bit, everyday, really helps cement the information, so I will (hopefully) retain t. I did purchase a mock exam/review guide from FIT, so I probably should do that to get a baseline, and know where I need to focus my study (although I could probably tell you that right now - experimental designs, and measurement 😝)

Wish me luck!

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