Life Long Learners

At Great Start Behaviour Services, we like to consider ourselves life long learners, always wanting to learn more and understand more.

It is important to us to understand that we will always be learning, and can learn new information, about different topics, and areas of expertise, so we can ensure that we are advocating for our client's best needs, and support them appropriately.

Life long learning can take many different forms. It can be an entire coursework/degree, which takes many years of formal study and experience, much the certifications through the Behaviour Analysis Certification Board.

We also might attend a professional development course of workshop, such as the PEAK and Essential for Leaving workshops.

It might entail attendance at a conference, listening to presentations from multiple speakers in a day, which some of the GSBS team will be doing later in this year for the third annual Association for Behaviour Analysis Australia Conference.

It might be more informal training, when we do internal training, sharing knowledge amongst our team members, and other colleagues on specific topics or skills teaching programs.

Or it might even be learning from our clients and their families. We are very lucky to work in a job that we love, meeting and interacting with many different people, who can teach us how to look at the world differently, or hone in on specific skills, or even just take a breath, and live in the moment.

Being a life long learner, means you are constantly questioning what you know, and finding out more information about specific topics, which are in line with the Attitudes of Science, and the 7 Dimensions of ABA, plus it really makes you think about things differently, and be open to new ideas.

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