Setting Yourself Up for Success!

We often use this phrase in relation to our learners. "Set them up for success!" or "Start small" or "Provide lots of frequent reinforcement now, and fade it out over time!"

This is all true, but it doesn't only apply to the people we are supporting, who are the centre of our programs. It applies to the people who are supporting them, day in, day out, as well as ourselves.

Changing behaviour is not necessarily hard, but it can take a long time. Very rarely will things change over night. This is true for both our learners, and ourselves, and it is important to remember! It helps you remain optimistic, and more importantly, realistic.

Just because something hasn't changed overnight, doesn't mean the see hasn't been planted... (keep that in mind!)

So think about this, the next time you want to start teaching a new skill, or changing something in your own life - set yourself up for success!

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