Goals Review

It's June (already!) Halfway through the year, so time to check in with my goals for a review of how things are travelling along.

  1. By the end of December, 2018, I will have obtained my BCBA certification. Done! I am very happy to say, I received confirmation this week, that I am officially a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst! All my hard work has paid off, and I can now look forward to what I will be able to do now :)

  2. By the end of December 2018, I will have attended at least 3 conferences, including at least one, not ABA specific. 1 down, 2 to go! Have a read of my wrap up of the ABAI Annual conference in San Diego, in May.

  3. By the end of December 2018, I will have submitted at least 2 abstracts for posters/presentations to conferences. I have submitted 1 (and presented a poster) for ABAI in May. I have contributed to one of my staff submitting a poster presentation for the annual Australian conference later in July, which kind of counts as me submitting, right? :D

  4. By the end of December 2018, I will have participated by writing responses to at least 2 questions, in regards to four journal articles. Again, I really haven't worked on this goal. I probably should just write down some thoughts from the articles I read, which I kind of do when programming anyway. But at least if its written down, its a bit more measurable.

  5. By the end of December 2018, I will have one other Program Supervisor working with me at GSBS. Not sure if this is where it will end up, but I definitely am in need of some more support!

  6. By the end of December 2018, GSBS will have at least one workshop available to be delivered to the community and public. There is an outline! Or an overview! Need to start putting the information together, trialling it, and figuring out where to deliver it!

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