ABAA Conference Wrap Up!

The Association for Behaviour Analysis Australia - ABAA - hosted the 3rd Annual ABAA Conference in Brisbane, at the end of July.

It was an amazing opportunity to meet up with other passionate behaviour analysts and hear some great discussions and lectures on a wide range of topics from some of the best in the field.

The keynote speaker, Dr DeLeon, spoke of the economics of behaviour and the Relational Frame Theory. The other keynote speaker, Dr Martin, shared the fascinating history of the behaviour analysis credentialing process, and the growth of the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board (BACB), from humble beginnings to its current growth to countries around the world.

The successes, challenges, and future projections of the Victorian Department of Education and Training Pilot Program, were described by an inspiring panel of speakers. It was wonderful to hear how the skills of the BCBA’s have made such a difference to the individuals and schools in the participating regions.

The weekend was very inspiring and highlighted how behaviour analysis is a science with broad ranging applications in many fields.

For more information on ABAA, or to become a member, visit their website.

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