Learning is Fun!

We love to mix things up at GSBS! School holidays are a great time to build on our relationships, and get some incidental teaching occurring.

Pairing is a term in ABA, that describes the vital relationship building activities between the clinician and the client. Basically, we make ourselves as appealing as possible, by having a whole lot of fun, and being the 'giver of good things' for our clients. We can do this by engaging in their interests.

This could mean, sharing the excitement of the latest video game, joining in with a raucous trampoline session, or simply creating a craft together.

By becoming a person that our client associates with fun, we become “paired” with the reinforcement of fun and our presence is positive and rewarding for the client.

During the most recent school holidays, we had the opportunity to increase our pairing time with clients. Holidays are time for fun and relaxation, and our activities have reflected this. Our staff have engaged in great activities, such as icing number cookies, becoming ninja warriors, and having fun at aquatic centres, to make learning a little less formal, and a whole lot more fun!

Making and icing number cookies!

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