Book Week!

This past week was Book Week, and all across Australia, in schools and pre-school settings, children were dressing up as their favourite characters!

We shared a few of our favourite story books, here at Great Start Behaviour Services.

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus - Mo Willems

Our first book was Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus. It's about a pigeon who speaks to the reader, begging them to let him drive the bus! Great for perspective taking, emotions, and assertiveness :D Perfect for preschool/early primary learners.

Up All Night - The Berenstain Bears by Stan and Jan Berenstain

Our second book for book week was The Berenstain Bear “Bears in the Night” by Stan and Jan Berenstain.

Meredith loves their books because they’re written in short rhyming sentences that are easy for children to memorise and follow along. They have simple, funny story lines, with lots of slapstick humour for children to enjoy and share with the reader.

Meredith loves this book in particular because it teaches prepositions in repetitive, fun prose. The young bears sneak out their beds to investigate a noise and go OVER a bridge, AROUND a lake, UP a hill 😄.

The book has excitement and suspense but is not TOO scary (helpful for young children, especially at bedtime).

The Paperbag Princess - by Robert Munsch

Our third, and final book for book week, was The Paper Bag Princess, by Robert Munsch. Shauna has loved and (still loves!) the Paper Bag Princess! It’s by Canadian author Robert Munsch and was her first introduction to feminism. It tells the story of Elizabeth, a princess whose fiancé is taken by a dragon. In her fight to get him back she loses her clothes and puts on a paper bag. Upon rescuing her prince he rejects her due to her appearance and she realises she’s doing just fine on her own. A wonderful alternative to all the conventional princess stories.

There are so many wonderful stories out there with interesting story lines, amazing vocabulary words, and wonderful illustrations, so we hope you enjoy listening and reading them, especially this book week!

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