NDIS Registration - Where Are We?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has been a wonderful scheme for many of our participants. It has allowed people to learn new skills, communicate their needs appropriately, become more independent, make new friends, try new things, and anything else that they hope to achieve.

Recently, the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission was developed, to provide oversight, and quality control to the registered providers. This is a very good step forward, where providers who wish, or need, to be registered need to go through a rigorous process, to ensure they are meeting the needs of their individual clients, and upholding their rights, with dignity.

In saying that, it is also a very time consuming process, however I am currently learning a lot about what needs to be done, and know it is going to make our programs and services, even better. It will be good to go over the policies, the set up of programs, induction of new staff, and update, and ensure they are in our clients bests interests. We also will be providing information about what restricted practices are, and if, and how, we can report and monitor those restricted practices, to ensure we are helping our clients live as independently, as possible.

Hopefully the process will be fairly straight forward, and we will be able to continue providing quality, evidence-based behaviour support services, for all our clients. We are looking forward to sharing with you what we learn, and helping you meet your goals, in the future!

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