Term 4 - Reflection and Celebration

As we all head into Term Four, it is a great opportunity to take a deep breath and look at the successes, and achievements, that have been made in this school year. Of course, it is also a time to look at what where improvements can be made for next year. Admittedly, it is often difficult to find the time to genuinely reflect on these as school gets busy with end of year activities; we are heading into the festive season and all the energy that brings, and of course there is still work and our usual commitments.

We encourage you to carve out a little time this term though, maybe half an hour with a cup of tea, to make a list of the amazing progress your family has made this year. Your child has worked so hard to learn new skills, to overcome behavioural challenges, and to get through another school year. This is a time for celebration. To celebrate the successes, to laugh at those moments you didn’t find funny at the time (for me - slime, all over the lounge, when I was down with the flu). It’s a time for you to be proud of how your child and your family have come through this year, with love and mutual support.

This term, your child will consolidate their new skills; they may learn a new skill! They will work hard with their teachers to prepare for the next school year. They will make us smile proudly at school concerts, and shower the house with end of year crafts. Let’s take the time to celebrate together (and deal with all the glitter through the house later).

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