Working Collaboratively

This past week, I have had the pleasure of my colleague Kate, from ABA for Change in Adelaide, visiting for a few days. Kate is a BCBA in Adelaide, and wanted to spend some time with us to understand how best to support adolescents and adults using ABA.

While the underlying principles are the same, no matter who you are supporting, it can be very different working with a 3 year old versus a 17 year old. What it comes down to, first and foremost, is remembering, who ever you are supporting, is a person, who has their own identity, thoughts, and feelings. Just relating to the person, learning about their interests, and spending time with them, can help develop the relationship, which makes it easier for teaching.

It has been so great having another Program Supervisor along on visits, and great to work alongside someone so like-minded.

Looking forward to more collaborative learning opportunities, in the future!

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