Disseminating Behaviour Analysis

One of the things I love to do, as a behaviour analyst, is share the science. I love talking about ABA with anyone who wants to hear, and especially love chatting to people who are new to the field, and looking to learn more about it.

At the moment, in Australia, behaviour analysis is becoming more known, and understood. We have our very first Australian Board Certified Behaviour Analyst coursework, at Monash University in Melbourne. There has been a huge interest in this course, from ABA therapists, teachers, and other professionals, wanting to learn more, through a formal certification.

I had the pleasure of providing some recorded lectures on a few different topics, for the students in this course. It was so exciting to be able to share my experiences, particularly working in a slightly different area (adolescents and adults in the ABA world), and how the principles of ABA can be applied, as well as how we can make socially significant changes to behaviour, to improve an individual's life, independence, and increase skills.

It is also an exciting time to be meeting others who are seeking to accrue their supervised fieldwork hours, for the BCBA certification. It's a great opportunity to help others understand how we can apply the principles of ABA to many different scenarios, and help make meaningful, socially significant changes, to help improve people's lives.

So if you ever want to find out more about ABA, I'm always happy to chat to others who love it and want to chat more about it :)

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