Staying Cool ☀️

It's summer time here in Australia, and there are lots of opportunities to stay cool, AND practice functional skills, at the same time.

A lot of the clients we support are school-aged, so school holidays is a great time to see them a little more, and be a part of their school holiday activities. As Sydney has recently been experiencing a bit of a heatwave, it's been a great opportunity to explore new activities, and generalise lots of skills.

Below are some of our favourite school holiday 'staying cool' activities:

  • swimming (in backyard pools, local pools, or the beach!)

  • water balloons (great for manding/requesting, turn taking, waiting)

  • evening walks along the beach (ticking healthy activities off a to-do list)

  • making fruit ice blocks (following directions, tolerating new foods)

Linking learning opportunities to everyday tasks, and practicing them in the environment they are going to be used in, helps make it easier to remember how to do that task. So that means fruit ice blocks can be made (and enjoyed) every week, right?! :)

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