Supporting Implementation

We work with a lot of wonderful people. Our clients, themselves, but also everyone in their life, who supports them - parents, siblings, grandparents, friends, teachers, aides, support workers - the list is endless!

One of the biggest was we can support and enact behaviour change is by ensuring everyone who supports the client, understands the best ways to do that. Often these supporters know our client very well, as they spend a lot of time with them! So it is important for us to ensure we learn as much as we can, from not only the client themselves, but their supporters! This is one aspect of ABA known as generalisation. We want the skills our clients learn to not only stick around, but work for them in every environment, and with every person.

Behaviour change is hard - for anyone! Think about any of your own behaviours you've tried to change - reducing waste, running a half marathon - it takes time, and celebrating the small steps. The same principles apply for our clients, when we are working on teaching new skills to increase independence, and improve quality of life. And the same definitely goes for our client's supporters - when they are setting up our clients for success, in their daily lives.

Whether it's a reminder to use a schedule, or set up opportunities to practice certain skills, or engaging communication attempts - we start small, and set everyone up for success! Post-it notes, checklists, phone reminders - these all help :)

Behaviour change doesn't happen overnight, and sometimes can take a loooooooong time (years!) but as long as we plan for what we want to achieve and work towards getting there, we can ensure we are not only supporting our clients and the people in their lives, but we can enrich their lives too.

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