Don't Stop (believing) Learning!

Now that that song is stuck in your head, I'll bring you back to what this post is actually about.

I am constantly wanting to learn more, and read more, and do more. There are some great behaviour analysts, using social media to push others to #dobetter.

I'm hoping to #dobetter this year by having actionable goals after any conference I attend.

In the past years, I've been fortunate enough to attend many conferences, which have given me lots of great ideas for the different people I am supporting. The problem was, when I got back into the swing of things, I had no time to sit down, come up with a plan, and implement things I had learned during those conferences.

This year, I have re-evaluated the way I work, and am hoping to have a bit more time every week, and particularly after attending conferences, to dedicate some time to sitting down, and planning around the things I learned at the conferences, for specific clients.

I'm most excited to attend the Verbal Behaviour Conference in April this year. The inaugural conference was only in 2018, and it has some really great VB presenters who attended, and shared their knowledge. In 2019, they have a few more speakers, and will have a poster presentation session too.

I have recently received news that my poster on short-term programs with adults and adolescents was accepted for the annual ABAI conference in Chicago in May, so am very excited to be able to attend that conference again! There is always so much to see and learn.

I also am planning to attend the bi-annual international ABAI conference, which is in Sweden, later in the year. While it is smaller than the annual convention, I think it will be great to hear from people from all different parts of the world, and the successes they have achieved, as well as the difficulties they face, when disseminating, and applying the principles of ABA, where they live.

And of course, the most excellent ABAA conference, which is up to it's fourth year in a row, running! Wow, has it really been 3 conferences already? Each year, it is bigger and better, so looking forward to what the 2019 conference will bring. Hopefully my colleagues will be able to share some work we have been doing!

So it does seem like a busy year! And although I cut down my travel, it seems, while it may not be as frequent, there still are a few (very quick) trips on the horizon.

Check back later in the year, as I plan to post summaries of each of the conferences I attend.

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