Verbal Behaviour Conference Wrap Up!

Howdy Y'all - Austin Texas

We've just finished up at the Verbal Behaviour Conference in Austin, Texas. It was a jam-packed two days, but extremely interesting and wonderful to hear from a line-up of amazing presenters.

The conference was really well organised, and there were approximately 500 attendees, 70% of who were behaviour analysts, and the other 30% were "other professionals" (not entirely sure who, they said they would fix their registration forms to find out who for next year :D)

It was so inspiring to be in a room with a range of presenters who were sharing some amazing work they are doing with clients, including hearing from Dr. Francesca Degli Espinosa, around theory of mind and perspective taking, Dr. Judah Axe and multiply controlled stimuli, and Tamara Kasper and her social skills programs (Fitness and Friends!)

The highlight was definitely seeing the legends themselves, Dr. Pat McGreevy, Dr. Vince Carbone, and Dr. Mark Sundberg. They gave such enlightening talks and really covered something for everyone.

It was great to attend the conference with Renee from Super Kids Behavioural Consulting. We had so many great discussions, and learned so much. I originally said I'd only come along once, but it was so good, I want to come back next year! I'll have to try and make it happen.

As with any ABA conference, it's just so nice to be in a room with people who "get it" and are working in the same capacity as me. I love it! Looking forward to all the other conferences this year, as well as bringing Dr. Pat McGreevy to Australia, to provide workshops on the Essential for Living Curriculum!

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