ABAA's 4th Annual Conference Wrap Up!

We have just returned from Melbourne, where we attended and presented at the 2019 conference, held by the Association for Behaviour Analysis Australia (AABA). Once again, the quality of the presentations and organisation of the conference was very impressive.

Great Start Behaviour Services were active participants at the conference, with both Lauren and Meredith, presenting on topics researched as part of their ABA work with clients and families using GSBS services.

Lauren presented on the efficacy and relevance of using the 'Essential For Living' curriculum and assessment, and Meredith had her first experience of presenting with a case study of treatment intervention for increasing independent leisure time activities.

The keynote speakers were invitees from all over the world. The topics included were of great relevance to our work at GSBS, including research on supporting support workers to become behaviour engineers, and how to recognise pseudoscientific treatment options offered to parents of children with Autism. This highlighted how important it was that we only work with evidence-based, soundly researched treatment interventions. Applied Behaviour Analysis is the application of treatment services that completely meet the evidence-based criteria.

Other topics that were addressed included some very animated NDIS and UN commission presentations. Additionally, there were some wonderfully enjoyable addresses, such as the one by a representative of Victoria Zoos. They are now using Applied Behaviour Analysis to decrease stress of animals, and to up-skill keepers to skill train animals to present calmly for medical interventions, as well as to decrease challenging behaviour of animals in their care.

At the moment, we are in a state of information overload, but look forward to sifting through the presented research and looking at how to best disseminate this information to our clients and their families. We aim to utilise it is in our practice to keep our services current, and representative, of the most current research available.

See everyone next year!

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