So You Want to Be a BCBA?

Congrats on choosing a very rewarding career!

Be prepared for a lot of hard work, learning, and having your mind blown. This blog post will discuss the process for becoming a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA). There are a few other certifications through the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board (BCBA), but this post is in reference to becoming a BCBA.

Disclaimer: This post includes my own thoughts and understanding of the process of becoming a BCBA. Make sure you visit and refer to the BACB website for any clarification around becoming a BCBA.

1. Visit and learn the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board (BACB) website. It is a little confusing to navigate, but ideally, the skills you will use and possess as a behaviour analyst, should begin to develop in this initial step. You need to understand what is required of you, before you even start the process.

At a glance:

- a Masters in a relevant field.

- Verified Course Sequence (VCS) (whether part of your Masters, or separately) meeting the coursework requirements.

- Supervised fieldwork (hours depend on how you are obtaining this experience).

- Study for, and pass an exam.

* N.B. There are significant changes occurring on the 1st of January 2022 for requirements to apply for the exam. Ensure you familiarise yourself with this, if you are planning to start anytime soon!

2. Really get a good idea for what you're getting into!

The coursework component can be just as intense and daunting as gaining your hours of supervised experience! While you may have had some ABA experience, or you've done 'behaviour stuff' before, the natural science of applied behaviour analysis is extremely in-depth, and scientific!

It will take a lot of commitment to work through the coursework - wherever you choose to complete it.

Review the 4th edition task list, to get an idea of what tasks you are expected to know, understand, and be able to implement.

3. Enquire about coursework.

Not all coursework is created equal. Finding the right, and appropriate coursework for you may take some investigation.

In Australia, there is currently only one VCS at Monash University (online), where you can obtain your Masters of Education in Applied Behaviour Analysis. You will get a Masters, AND the VCS coursework.

In 2020, Griffith University will be offering a VCS Graduate Certificate in Applied Behaviour Analysis. This means you will need to already have a relevant Masters degree.

There are also other places you can obtain your masters or the coursework. The Association for Behaviour Analysis International has a list of offerings around the world. I have a strong affinity for