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At the beginning of October, I attended the 10th Bi-Annual ABAI International Conference, held in Stockholm, Sweden. Stockholm was a very lovely place to visit, and even better that we had our own tour guide - Alex, from ABA for Change, grew up in Stockholm!

Lauren (GSBS), Alex and Kate (ABA for Change)

While this was the 4th conference I attended this year, it was quite different from any others, as it was focusing on international issues, from behaviour analysts, around the globe.

I spoke on a panel discussion with Alex, my BCBA Supervisor, Sheri, and her colleague from Masaryk University in the Czech Republic, Karel. Our discussion topic was about difficulties disseminating ABA in Australia, and the Czech Republic, and we had a few interested people. I also attended a few similar symposiums and panels, as the sentiment is pretty much the same, across the world.

Our ABAI Stockholm Panel Discussion

However, it was great to meet lots of different people, from all over the world, and as always, being in a room with other behaviour analysts is very invigorating! It's also nice to have people at the conference with you - Alex and Kate from ABA for Change, my supervisor Sheri, Erin Leif, from Monash University - helpful to brainstorm ideas, or catch up on presentations you missed out on.

We also had a lovely cocktail reception at Stockholm City Hall (where the Nobel Laureates walk down the stairs and have their banquet 😱) which also had an amazing 'gold' room - the walls, ceiling, and floor were covered in gold mosaic tiles! I also enjoyed the very first presentation I went to on Sunday morning at 8am, where the women sharing their research at Special Education Schools in South Korea, started the presentation by showing some K-Pop Videos 😄

Unlike other conferences, I'm not really heading home with much I want to implement with clients specifically, but it did give me a lot to think about. Looking forward to the next conference, in 2021.

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