ABA Around the World 🌏

While I was already in the Northern Hemisphere for the ABAI International Conference, I made a quick side trip to the Czech Republic, where my BCBA Supervisor, was now living and working.

Town Square in Brno, Czech Republic

I spent a few days in Brno, with her and her family, and while it was great to catch up, it was also really nice to be able to learn about the struggles behaviour analysts in the Czech Republic are going through right now.

ABA is very new to the Czech Republic, and as it seems to be the case around the world, driven by parents seeking support for their children with autism. The country has managed to do some great things in a few short years, including setting up coursework to become a BCBA, getting government funding for training opportunities, and even having the title 'behaviour analyst' registered as a health professional! Despite this, it feels like they are at the point I feel we we were at in Australia when I started 13 years ago, in relation to people's perception, and understanding, however they've also managed to do some great things, in a short amount of time.

There is a small contingent of people who are pushing for the science of ABA to be used in many different settings, in the Czech Republic. While they have more work ahead of them, they have a good plan, so I'm sure they will continue to pave the way, to support people with autism, and other developmental disabilities, in the future.

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