The ABCs of Behaviour

The science of applied behaviour analysis is fascinating. There are so many variables, so many specific components, so much research... it's kind of hard to narrow it down to know where to even start thinking about it!

Fortunately, I've been in this field for a little while now, and have come across some consistent, relevant pieces of information, that are useful, and interesting, and can be related to most clients I work with.

Which is why we've put together a 'Behavioural Principles' training for support workers, as one of our 'Northern Beaches Support Worker Seminars' (NBSW Seminar).

Photo of a woman sitting and lecturing to a group of adults who are also sitting. They are in an office and there is a presentation on a screen in the background.

Rachael Fischer, Speech Pathologist, discussing mealtime management.

These seminars started in 2019 as free professional development opportunity for many of the support workers we work with, across the Northern Beaches of Sydney. It was developed in conjunction with Rachael Fischer, Speech Pathologist and Clinical Director of Connected Speech Pathology. We wanted to provide some professional development for the wonderful support workers we work with, who support our clients, to give them a little bit more understanding, around the strategies and supports we were suggesting.

These seminars are not specific to any one client, in any way, but more of a general opportunity for people to come and learn a little bit more about behaviour and speech topics.

The behavioural principles seminar covers a behavioural principle for every letter of the alphabet (yes, even 'X' - I got very creative there!)

In 2020, both Rachael and I plan to offer at least one seminar a month at our Belrose office. We are in the process of planning these, but some ideas include teaching skills, proactive/antecedent strategies, and using reinforcement effectively.

Colourful flyer with text advertising behavioural principles seminar in wed 11th December 2019 at 6:30pm in Belrose

In the meantime, our last NBSW Seminar is being held on Wed 11th Dec 2019. Our topic is 'Behavioural Principles'. Click the image above, to register. We will have a bit of a Christmas/holiday theme too 🎄

Hope to see you there!

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