Goals for 2019 - December Review

The end of the year is fast approaching. Time for my last goals check in for the year.

  1. JABA Subscribe to the Journal for Applied Behaviour Analysis. Done!

  2. Sponsor ASAT Provide a Professional Level Sponsorship for the Association for Science in Autism Treatment. Sponsorship is done! Will need to d it again for 2020.

  3. Facebook Reach 1000 Facebook Page 'Likes'. We got there! Thank you so much for all your support - liking, commenting, and sharing!

  4. Conference Attendance Attend at least 3 conferences in 2019 (can be all ABA, or a mix). Completed! With a bonus one :) 1. The Verbal Behaviour Conference, Austin, Texas. 2. ABAI in Chicago 3. ABAA in July in Melbourne. 4. ABAI in Stockholm.

  5. Conference Abstracts Submit 3 abstracts for conference posters/presentations. Three done! (And one presented!) 1. Poster at ABAI in Chicago in May (completed). 2. Presentation at ABAA in Melbourne in July (completed). 3. Panel at ABAI International in Sweden in September (completed). This was a huge year with presentations and posters. I enjoy doing it, and sharing what we're doing with clients, but I think I need to slow down for 2020 :) Looking forward to just attending conferences, rather than having to get up and present something1 Check out our research page, to find out more.

  6. Volunteer Commit to one volunteer opportunity - e.g. 1 day, 1 activity, 1 year. I did sign up to the ASAT Externship for a few months, however I wasn't able to sustain it, so have had to put it on hold for now.

  7. Journal/Book Club As usual, this goal is never achieved :( I did add it to my to-do list, but right now, when I'm trying to power through my to-do list, it kind of gets pushed to the bottom of the priority list!

It's been a very busy and fulfilling year, and I feel like I achieved much more than the goals that I initially set. In the past few months, I also organised and hosted the Essential for Living workshops on teaching functional living skills, for Clinicians in Australia, free Northern Beaches Support Worker Seminars, as well as finally going through the NDIS re-registration audit. Hopefully will have that all finalised by the end of January!

Not sure what goals I'll set for 2020, but will think of something!

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